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Welcome to your WikiPlus demo site!

Log-in to check-out Wiki Plus:

sandbox2010\testclient1, password: pass@word1
sandbox2010\testclient2, password: pass@word1

You can get started and add new Wiki pages by clicking "New WikiPlus Page" in the site actions menu.
You can learn more about WikiPlus sites by clicking "How to use this wiki site" in the Quick Launch.

What is WikiPlus?

WikiPlus is an advanced, cross-organization, SharePoint-based knowledge-sharing and collaboration solution.

WikiPlus enables to easily create articles, tag and share them, making the collaboration experience much easier and practical.

Example uses of WikiPlus include group/department knowledgebase, Support knowledgebase, instruction guides, gathering data from the field, and building an encyclopedia of knowledge.

Get started by reviewing Wiki Plus documentation.


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Checked Out To: SANDBOX2010\testclient1
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Checked Out To: SANDBOX2010\testclient1
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How To Use This Wiki Site.aspx
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Test Page Blah.aspx
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