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Welcome to Clipboard Manager Demo Site!


The Clipboard Manager add-on enables you to easilly copy images and rich-text from MS WORD documents, and paste into any SharePoint rich-text fields.

To copy images and or rich-text simply follow these steps:

  1. Edit a rich-text SharePoint field (can also be a SharePoint Wiki page).
  2. Copy the required image from your Windows folder or copy any paragraph from an MS WORD document.
  3. Click the arrow below the "Clipboard Manager" ribbon button, you'll see all these new options below:

  4. Click the relevant paste option and..that's it!



Create your own Wiki page (Click "New Page" below the Site Actions menu), and check-out this solution!



  • The Clipboard Manager works ONLY with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure your Internet Explorer settings allow you to download and run ActiveX components.



to run this demo:
User: sandbox2010\testclient1
Password: pass@word1