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File Upload field type



Use this template to create new kwizcom add-on demo sites
File Upload field type demo site 

The following list is a Sales Leads list with 3 file upload fields:

-Try challenging this field type by uploading different file types from those specified

-Try uploading a file that exceeds the file size limit

-Try saving a new item without an SOW doc




 Sales Leads

Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
SANDBOX2010\testclient1Quote sent to customer
SANDBOX2010\testclient1Quote sent to customer
New lead
AttachmentTest Upload
Quote sent to customer
Attachmenttest ac
New lead



 Sample Docs

17 KB
84 KB
84 KB
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to run this demo:
User: sandbox2010\testclient1
Password: pass@word1


Check-out the File Upload field type:

This useful field type allows you to create mandatory file attachments, control uploaded file types and file size limit.
Fill a sales lead and try it out yourself! 
For more details visit the File Upload File Type Product Page
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