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 Order List

555-555-5555Europe SpainBarcelona; Bilbao
555-555-5555North America Canada aaaaMississauga; Montréal
0113 2001100Europe United KingdomLeeds
AsiaIndiaPune; New Delhi; Mombai
123856487Europe GreeceNavarinoy 32Trikala
Mike Phone NumberEurope AustriaHOw good is that?Vienna
444444444Europe United KingdomLondon
7895869545AustraliaAustraliaTemporary AdderssCanberra
Europe United KingdomLeeds
AsiaIsraelBeer Sheva
TESTAsiaIndiaBangalore; Hyderabad
Europe GreeceRhodes
testEurope GermanyMunich


to run this demo:
User: sandbox2010\testclient1
Password: pass@word1


Check-out the Cascading Lookup Field

Simply click 'Add new item' below the Orders list (you need 1st to sign-in using the details above) and fill out your Region->Country-> City cascading drop-downs. 

The Cascading Lookup field allows you also to add your country or city without leaving your New/Edit forrm.

You can use this powerful field type in any SharePoint list or library, and the best news is that it's so easy to use and configure!

For more details visit the Cascading Lookup Plus field product page.


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