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Use the Tasks list to keep track of work that you or your team needs to complete.
In Progress(2) Normal
new task-1
Not Started(2) Normal3/10/2012
new task-2
Not Started(2) Normal3/11/2012
new task-3
Helpdesk EngineersNot Started(2) Normal3/12/2012
new task-4
Not Started(2) Normal3/13/2012
new task-5
Not Started(2) Normal3/14/2012
new task-6
Not Started(2) Normal3/15/2012
new task-7
Not Started(2) Normal3/16/2012
new task-8
Not Started(2) Normal3/17/2012
new task-9
Not Started(2) Normal3/18/2012
new task-10
Not Started(2) Normal3/19/2012